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- juli

I'm Juli Bonell - Portrait & Wedding Photographer.

You could easily say that I'm a bit eclectic; an outgoing introvert who's obsessed with white mocha-caramel lattes, travelling, history, Disneyland, true crime, zombies
& binge watching the latest series.
I see beauty in urban decay, and I love yoga just
as much as I love singing loudly in my car
with the windows down.
(Let's just say that last one's not pretty.)

Thanks for visiting my blog. Feel free to take a look around and connect and chat with me about your photography needs. Enjoy!

hello + welcome!

Hey there!

Free Sarcasm

You would think that most of my days are basically the same. You spend most of your time either on location, in the studio or at the desk. But in reality, there are so many things that make each day unique.

I absolutely love all the people I have gotten to know in what, next month will mark, 6 years since starting by business. I’d always been an artist in some form, but as a photographer, I get the great opportunity to meet and work with some of the most fun and inspiring people.

I have documented gorgeous weddings that have blossomed into amazing and wonderful families.
I have photographed countless athletes who push themselves to always be better than the day before.
I have had so much fun working with hundreds of High School Seniors as they prepare to embark on their future endeavors and become rather impressive adults.
And I have reintroduced beauty to women who, all-too-often, have lost touch with their confidence and self love.

Each of them inspire me in different ways and they don’t even know it; They make me proud, make me laugh, I empathize when they experience great challenges, and they push me to be my best “me” and appreciate the life I live, and people who are in it.

So this morning, I was at my desk editing and playing videos on my split screen when a particular music video made me think of one client in particular…

Meet Cheri…

Cheri graduated from Montesano High School last year and I was honored to take her Senior Photos.
Cheri is also among the toughest and bravest people I know because she also lives with Cystic Fibrosis. She also shares her story & fight on her Facebook page and Instagram. So check her out if you want to cheer her on.

So while I was editing this morning, and a particular video came on, I couldn’t help but to freeze. I’d heard the song over a hundred times, but had never really listened to the lyrics… until today.
Watch the video and you will see why it made me think of Cheri and why I am so proud of this strong and beautiful young woman.

Every single person I photograph and work with…. I may occasionally, and casually, refer to you all as my “clients”, but you are my friends, my family, my inspiration… EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Thank you all for pushing me to be a better me.

Show appreciation for even the little things… because those matter too.
Live everyday to your fullest.
Love each other AND YOURSELF.

No go out and be a better YOU.

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