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- juli

I'm Juli Bonell - Portrait & Wedding Photographer.

You could easily say that I'm a bit eclectic; an outgoing introvert who's obsessed with white mocha-caramel lattes, travelling, history, Disneyland, true crime, zombies
& binge watching the latest series.
I see beauty in urban decay, and I love yoga just
as much as I love singing loudly in my car
with the windows down.
(Let's just say that last one's not pretty.)

Thanks for visiting my blog. Feel free to take a look around and connect and chat with me about your photography needs. Enjoy!

hello + welcome!

Hey there!

Free Sarcasm


I have a ton of respect for those who lay their lives on the line to protect and serve our communities. I’ve always said, “if I was smarter, I would have gone into forensic sciences.” But I can’t help it… at the recent photo shoot for the Hoquiam Police Department, instead of feeling like I was in a room full of superheros, I felt like I was on set of an old filming of Police Academy! Okay, I’m aging myself severely now…. but they really need to reboot that movie. (Michael Winslow is the best!)

Honestly, the whole department was hilarious and had me in stitches the whole time. So with their permission, here are two of our local Officers hamming it up for the camera and putting on their best Reno 911 look.

Thank you “Gentlemen” 😉 Hahaha!
And a special Thank You to Chief Myers for having me back again this year.


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