Never have I ever… climbed a ladder to photograph from a rooftop.
Never have I ever… arrived at my college BEFORE 8am.
Never have I ever… gotten a selfie with the GHC “Charlie” Choker mascot.

DANG! Ok… so I still have one thing on that list. But I did have a nice conversation with the Choker mascot while he was in full costume. Haha! (I could kick myself for not getting a selfie with him though. Or at least live streaming as I climbed to the roof of the Grays Harbor College Music Pavilion.)

This was one really cool (and very sunny) morning at Grays Harbor College. I was already excited to visit my beautiful Alma Mater, but I was also really excited to see so many cool people I know, graduating from GHC!

Congratulations Graduates!

* Don’t forget to get your copy of the group photo from GHC!