Carl & Snoopy of Emerson Manor, have become a bit of a renowned icon here in Hoquiam. Stop by and say “hi” or just honk and wave next time you see them out on their bench. 

BTW… They love surprise deliveries of dog treats and Diet Pepsi, if you’re so inclined. 😉
“I sit on the bench and hold my sign.
I do it for the good of all mankind.

I nod and smile as cars go by.

Some people are walking as I say “Hi!” 

Sometimes it is raining, and sometimes it is not.

At times it is cold, and sometimes it’s hot.

I just sit there on days I can,

For those out there who may understand. 

Most who see me are kind and true,

But a few are cruel with their looks askew.

I will see many from time to time,

As I sit on that bench and hold my sign.”