Advice on where to print to get the best quality images

Hello my image loving friend!

I’ve got something special for you that I think you will appreciate.
I know just how important those images are to you. And you’re right, those memories SHOULD be displayed throughout your home, work and given to friends and family members. I totally agree. But here’s the scary thing. I’ve ordered prints and photo items of my kids when they were little, that came back with them looking like Oompa Loompas!!!

The quality of your prints and products are dependent on the quality of your lab.  

Because your images are so important, I’ve done extensive research and test prints to find you the best professional print lab. You deserve to have outstanding heirloom prints and products that will last for generations to come. Let’s face it, colors should be accurate, inks should not fade over time, and the papers should be archival. 
So, I’ve not only found the absolute best quality professional lab, but I have also connected it directly to your shopping cart within your gallery! So any time you purchase anything through your online gallery, no matter if its a 5×7 or wall art, rest assured, you are getting the best quality available.

However, in this digital age, you may prefer to purchase the digital images and order prints from the lab of your choice. 

In those cases, I STILL want you to have great quality at any price-point.

For the highest quality consumer printing results, PLEASE DON’T make your choice based on the cheapest price or most convenient pick-up. Because that is where their focus is, rather than on the quality of their prints. So I strongly discourage using 1-hour photo labs, kiosk marketing printers, big chain everything-in-one-place stores, or in home photo printers. These do not use archival papers and inks and their colors are not professionally calibrated for accuracy. 

So, for the best quality images when printing on your own, I recommend having your portraits printed at the following locations, on matte or luster paper.:

*NOTE: DO NOT SELECT AUTO/COLOR CORRECT FROM ANY PRINT LAB. Most labs do not hand touch each and every image to make sure they are at their best. We do that already for you. Just the same, if you are printing one of our B/W images, we recommend you do not choose to “Print B/W” as it may greatly alter the look and feel of your image.
And please remember, I am not responsible for the quality of the prints obtained outside my services of your gallery at



Mpix offers professional quality prints at outstanding prices that are comparable to big chain / discount / department store print prices such as Wal-Mart, Rite-Aid and Target. 

Mpix even offers high quality products like cards, canvases, etc!
Their turn around time is also impressively fast! I highly recommend you use this lab for your printing needs.


Looking for something different?  Pinhole Press offers all sorts of unique personal photo products like notebooks, notepads, cards and gifts with beautiful quality. There are some great gift items for all your special people & events! Definitely worth a look!  
They even offer beer/wine/champagne bottle labels!


Order online and choose the mail option for their best quality

Like our top choice, , Costco also offers a better quality alternative to print labs like Wal-Mart, Rite-Aid and Target.

~Happy Printing!