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- juli

I'm Juli Bonell - Photographer and random movie quoter. 

You could easily say that I'm a bit eclectic; an outgoing introvert who's obsessed with white mocha lattes, Disneyland, true crime, travelling, history, zombies, and binge watching the latest series. I love yoga just as much as I love singing loudly in my car with the windows down. I'll admit, that last one's not pretty. 

Here, you'll find my articles and info to help you with your photography needs, or maybe even a few musings and sarcasm that you can relate to. Feel free to take a look around and connect, or ask me any questions you have. Enjoy!

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Hey there!

The Most Profound Wedding I’ve Ever Photographed: PNW Olympic Pennensula

What I do is far more important than you or I realize. I don’t mean that *I* am important. I don’t mean monetarily. I don’t even mean in some grandeur way regarding talent and skill. Sure, your wedding day is important to you. Of course, it is. There are actually many special times in your […]


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How my clients inspire me each day: Western Washington Photographer

You would think that most of my days are basically the same. You spend most of your time either on location, in the studio or at the desk. But in reality, there are so many things that make each day unique. I absolutely love all the people I have gotten to know in what, next […]


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Humans of Grays Harbor [The Photographer]

“I consider myself an introverted extrovert. I don’t like the idea of having to talk to people, or especially a group of people, but I’m not shy at all, and have almost no problem having hour long conversations with people I’d never met.”


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